What is an SPV?*

SPVs allow investors to pool their money together to invest in a single company.

Our Active Asset Funder Brand Influencer network and Investor Relations meeting services make special purpose vehicle (SPV) syndication deals affordable! Save 40%-50% off AngelList SPV syndication setup fees!

  • Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) are legal entities that are created for one specific purpose.
  • Each of these SPVs invests into a startup.
  • In a venture, SPVs are used to pool money from a group of investors to make a single investment in a startup.
  • Active Asset Funder SPV setup fees are 40%-50% less than AngelList! We make it easy and affordable for investors to create or invest in SPVs.

Fund managers (also known as general partners or “GPs”) raise venture capital funds to invest in multiple startups over the course of several years. By investing into such a fund, investors (also known as limited partners or “LPs”) get exposure to a basket of different companies. Essentially, an LP’s investment is spread over several companies. These companies make up the “portfolio” of the fund.

But what if LPs only wanted to invest in one specific company? What if a GP doesn’t have a fund at the time they come across a promising investment opportunity?

That is where SPVs come in. Every year, GPs raise thousands of SPVs on AngelList for 40%- 50% more than Active Asset Funder SPV’s setup fees! We offer a seamless co‑investment solution which lets us reach out to our accredited investor network so you can pool capital from our investor network in clicks!

One link to fundraise from your customers, friends, family, angels & partners, & investors from our active asset fund deal room!

Aggregate investors in 1 single line on your cap table, One link to fundraise from your customers, angels & partners.

Using a seamless co‑investment solution HNW and institutional investors can choose between direct investment or join forces or catch secondary offers. our Active Asset Funder deal room management solution lets you pool capital fast and easy.

We offer what HNW and Institutional investors increasingly want: more direct investments opportunities over funds and structured products. We offer them opportunities to invest in your business in a seamless way using a SPV.

For pitch4capital companies, we offer the option to have us start/manage your own Active Asset Funder club deal room investor Syndicate. We do the heavy lifting: Connect your brand to influencers, messaging investors, set appointments, and manage your cap table! Our private investment club shares your deal with our network of thousands of investors with investor mandates in every sector and type: both equity & debt. We invite them to meet you to investor together as a private syndicate on a deal-by-deal basis which greatly accelerates the funding process and reduces record keeping errors and investor risk.

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* What is a SPV https://learn.angellist.com/articles/spv


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