Los Angeles Film & Web3 Santa Monica Saturday & Script Video Workshop

February 17, 2024
13:00 - 15:00
Santa Monica Film Studio

Los Angeles NFT Film Production meetup hosts our Film, Tech Web3 Saturdays in Santa Monica! Casual relaxed environment at our Video Studio, and everyone who wants gets 90 seconds to mention what they’re doing in the Film, Movie, Entertainment, and Gaming worlds! Get the “What do you do” out of the way everyone networks effectively!


Co-hosted with Jaycee Dubyuh, Stanford brand ambassador, and creative director of LVLUP on education.


Suggested Non-Profit Charity Donation Min. $15. LuLup Expo on Education is going to explore the ways gaming can influence not only traditional transferrable relations in STEAM, but in non-traditional ways as well.

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At our Santa Monica Saturdays, we’ll preview our Saturday Meetup:

Santa Monica Perfect Pitch Presentation ChatGPT & Investor Demo Day meetup

We’ll preview the Free Script Supervisor Workshop created by Jennifer Carriere on how to become a Script Supervisor, an in-demand career within the film industry that can be used as a step up to help you reach your goals of becoming an Actor, Director, Producer, or Screenwriter.

CEOSocial.io & Pitch4Capital.com are excited to present our Santa Monica Saturday Video Studio Workshop series with our partners, Metaverse Standards Forum Foundersuite.com


CEOSocial.io Members who register attend the video studio for FREE, and save when you subscribe to Foundersuite.com Investor Relations Software!

Cancel any time Only $8.99 a month! Become a member, Support the space, and enjoy the video studio!

Enjoy the sun-soaked sidewalks, and blue skies, as the salty sea breezes on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica set the vibe for our next epic meetup!

Support The space, and enjoy the video studio!

Over 1,000 hours of television have been shot in this professional green screen space. A full lighting setup is included!

The workshop meeting starts 1pm-3pm

Los Angeles Entertainment Capital of the World!

Visit our Studios for Film, Fashion, Media, Celebrities, Influencers, and Gaming Esports industry networking with developers and investors!

Register today and let us know if you need 90 seconds to introduce yourself to the group before the event!

Calling all innovative indie filmmakers, digital tech and gaming enthusiasts! Get ready for an exciting evening where creativity meets cutting-edge technology. Join us for a unique opportunity to showcase your projects and ideas in a fast-paced pitch format while enjoying delicious food and engaging with like-minded individuals.

Don’t miss out on this chance to shine a spotlight on your work and connect with fellow industry trailblazers!

📍 Location: Over 1,000 hours of television have been shot in this professional green screen space. A full lighting setup is included in Santa Monica!


🎥 Indie Film Makers Pitch Session 🎬

🎞️ 90 Seconds to Shine: Grab the spotlight and captivate the audience with a 90-second pitch about your indie film project. Whether it’s a feature film, short film, documentary, or experimental work, this is your chance to share your vision, unique storytelling approach, and the passion behind your project.

Make every second count as you showcase your creativity!

💡 Film & Tech Gaming Innovators Pitch Session: 💻

🌐 Revolutionizing the Industry: Are you utilizing technology to transform the indie film and gaming landscape? Pitch your project in a rapid-fire 90-second presentation and demonstrate how your innovation is reshaping the way we create, distribute, and experience films. Share your groundbreaking ideas and inspire others to explore the limitless possibilities of digital technology.

🍕 Foodie Delights and Networking 🍷

🍽️ Savor the Flavors: Indulge in delectable food and drinks from 121 Santa Monica while you connect with fellow indie film makers and gaming tech enthusiasts. Share your experiences, exchange ideas, and form valuable connections within the industry. This is the perfect opportunity to network with like-minded individuals who share your passion for pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology.

🤝 Collaborative Opportunities: Discover potential collaborations and partnerships as you mingle with a diverse group of professionals, including indie film directors, producers, writers, developers, and industry experts. Forge connections that could lead to exciting new projects and ventures in the future.

🎟️ Secure Your Spot Now

📢 Attention indie filmmakers and tech pioneers! This is your chance to shine a spotlight on your projects, share your vision, and connect with fellow trailblazers in the industry. Reserve your spot now on Eventbrite and prepare to pitch your ideas, enjoy great food, and network with like-minded individuals who share your passion for pushing boundaries and embracing the future of indie film and gaming technology!

🍕🎥 Let’s celebrate innovation and creativity at the Indie Film Makers and Gamng Tech Pitch Saturday! We can’t wait to hear your ideas and see your visions come to life!

Hosted by CEOSocial.io we designed this meetup for CEO’s who need to promote and market their business to attract HNW investors and make business connections with professionals who want to socialize, join an active support group, build lifelong friendships, and develop strong business connections.

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