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March 28

Las Vegas

12 PM pacific

Complete the Pitch4Capital Video Demo Day & Investor Roundtable Questionnaire and receive a Free Pitch Deck Review!  Receive a Free Business development meeting and up to 10% off our Accounting and digital marketing services.

Are you looking for an opportunity to give your business a good boost? If you are in search of a good investment opportunity to invest your funds, then you are at the right place. At, we are offering the perfect opportunity at our next Demo Day & Investor Roundtable! 

We are organizing a once in a lifetime opportunity for companies who qualify in at our demo day US Cities to appear at our private video conference Pitch4Capital demo day/investor roundtable meetings. 

Startup Steroid is the connecting dot between startups, investors, angel groups, and resources. We empower innovative startup ideas by providing direct access to smart money and meaningful networks. We’ve successfully built a network of 2,000+ investors, startup founders, and ecosystem partners since its foundation and are still growing.

Who Qualifies?

#1 Tech companies in any sector (E-Sports, Fashion, Media, Deep Tech, FinTech, DeFi/DAO, AI, Blockchain, Energy, CleanEnergy, BioFuels, Robotics, Mining, Machine Learning, Transportation, Real Estate, Sports, etc.)


#2 The company must have raised at least $100k of debt/equity funding and/or $100K revenue in the last 12 months.

What Is A Demo Day?

A pitch demo day event is a meeting where various business entities have a limited amount of time to present and influence corporate sector owners to begin the investment process or strategically partner in their business for prospective growth. We are inviting you all who qualify to apply to our next Demo Day!

What Is A Investor Roundtable?

A investor roundtable is a private conference meeting of investors and business owners who after the demo day presentation, discuss their backgrounds, general business strategies, and synergies to increase productivity for everyone at the roundtable! 

Why Pitch at a Pitch4Capital Event?

Meetings and mandates are a must for companies and our Pitch4Capital Demo day and investor roundtables a accomplishes both tasks every month! Its a Win-Win!

We start each demo day/investor roundtable 3 hours before our scheduled monthly Blockchain, Web3, NFT meetups,  Its a Win-Win!

Demo Day Cities



Los Angeles

Las Vegas


New York

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March 28


Las Vegas


12 PM pacific


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